Courageous Stories

Ironically, the non-supportive behaviors are being reinforced by predictable patterns of beliefs. Instead of providing clarity these narratives are often recirculating as fact-based events based off unsubstantiated historical events. What if, the narrative could be reformed in a more existential manner?

Fixed Ops Hustle Podcast Episode #2 is now out! Special Guest: Joseph Clementi – National Director Of Service Operations Joe talks about his tremendous domain experience in automotive and how MobilityWorks connected better with their customers during a pandemic. This is a treat! You do not want to miss out! #carservices #dealerships #fixedops #cardealerships #fixedoperations #servicedepartment #entrepreneur #automotive #sales #podcast

The Imposter Trap.

Many high performing managers struggle with alter-ego’s in their own professional traps that create voids in their leadership skills.

The ultimate goal may be extraordinary business performance but, you can still be uncomfortable in the relentless pursuit of excellence. High performance is not about doing more because you can. It is more about zeroing in on the specific strategies and priorities that are most impactful to the organization.

Sustained excellence may take different paths but, share specific characteristics. #coachjoeyougotthis #keeplearning #traits #energy #intention #presence #clarity #actions #passion #yourwhyThe high-performers I study share similar traits.Common curiosity towards learning and development. They invest in the process of continuous improvement.They work really hard and recognize there are no shortcuts to success.They are passionate and clear about their “why”.They are resilient and resolute.They live in a growth mindset.They eliminate the negative people and negative messaging.Recognize the past is not predictive of the future.📌The person you visualize tomorrow is in direct proportion to the conditions you realize today.👓A shift away from the impossible occurs with an epiphany that failure and wisdom accompany struggle.🧩The compound effects of change happens when the compound interests of vision and clarity intersect.

How do I get ahead faster? #coachjoeThis was our topic of discussion. To provide scope we focused on the #1mistake and the process.Do you agree?💯Foundation: champion the process.1 mistake: willingness to struggle!Core principle 1: Desire✅Genuine need to create success. Be willing to struggle through the pain and failures of action✅Clarity and intention.✅Too many distractions don’t create commitment – just interestCore principle 2: Become a student🧩Study: reading, absorbing, consuming yourself as a student. “The expert is a student first.”Core principle 3: Grind✔️Do you enjoy the grind?✔️Diminished perseverance will stop the interested and uncommitted.⚡️How is your energy, intention, and presence?

Today’s message: the power of positive thought. #coachjoe Have a powerful day! TODAY’S MESSAGE TO MYSELF: #yougotthis #powerofpositivity #thinkpositive #mindset #growthmindset #actions #intention #clarity #distractionremoval

Self-mastery is a process…not a quick win #coachjoeFramework:Planning: super granular level✔️What are the 5 impactful actions?✔️What are the exact steps?✔️What is the energy required?Time blocking🗓Scheduled execution block🗓“Burst” focus in 25 min blocks of uninterrupted attentionSelf-evaluation🧩Distraction removal🧩Clarity and intentionAccountability buddy🔥Someone to champion, cheerlead, and hold you accountable for the actions you take.#selfmastery #actions #clarity #intentions #accountabilitybuddy #distractionremoval #timeblocking #planning #keeponlearning #growthmindset #yougotthis #coaching #mentoring

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