New to sales? Prove them wrong!

prove them wrong

After attending a very detailed week-long training event, a group of new salespeople were starting their first day on the sales floor. They were full of energy, enthusiasm and excitement. The product is new, the environment is new and they’re filled with possibilities. Enthusiasm paired with a growing understanding of their product makes for a formidable combination.

They understand the benefits of labored failure and the joy that eventual success brings. The challenge is keeping the fire stoked when the winds of adversity are working to stifle the flames. There’s an abundance of excitement and scarcity of knowledge as they approach the first potential client. What they lack in process recall is overcompensated by pure energy and excitement.

Eventually, the naysayers are omnipresent posing their perspective and beliefs. The under-achievers are there to extend a hand to welcome others into their camp. Mediocrity is around every corner willing to accept any new arrivals into the fraternity.

Behaviors are reinforced by the lessons learned during the sales process. Early management intervention and coaching are critical to building the sales process foundation. Discovery questions help the salesperson uncover deficiencies and flaws then redirects the behaviors. Coaching supplements practical training through repetitive learning.

It’s essential for the flock of fledglings to fly right away, to spread their wings and soar! They have the proper foundation to effectively harness energy, power it with enthusiasm and reject all the external negative forces. If you are new to sales there is a simple guiding principle. Manage your activities, limit your distractions and if someone tells you “you cannot”, go out and prove them wrong!

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