The Success Path.

success path

Sometimes the external environment challenges our convictions, redirects our focus and skews our reality perception.  The never-ending quest for success clarity has us searching for easy answers to a more complicated question.

Success as a narrative is relative and carries a different set of values to each individual. Unlocking the individual brilliance that exists within all of us is not a simple calculation. There are resources available to help guide you along the success path.

This article is going to outline a five step process to set as the groundwork for the underlying objective. There will be five additional resources to help you on your journey to success enlightenment. The links included are for specific subject matter experts that provide learning platforms, offer insightful blogs, videos and books.

Prior to arriving at a solution its important to understand the obstructions.

Success is mired with a myriad of unexpected pitfalls, distractions and external influences. Throughout the day think about how many times an outside influence slows your momentum. Turn on the news and your likely to find some talking-head intent on imposing a singular agenda. There are plenty of distractions during the average daily commute time to cause stagnation.

The 24-hour news cycle inundates us with information from all over the world. Social media aberration has been exasperated by variable mediums touting the loudest voices. The reality is that the volume of content takes precedence over quality of content.

In the career path there will be a fork-in-the-road that creates indecision and uncertainty. It’s important to have the correct preparation, training and mental focus to be able to adapt when the route is full of debris.

5-Steps to guide you along the success path:

  1. Clearly define what success means to you.
  2. Failure is a requisite for success and provides the essential experience.
  3. Find a person that has achieved the level of success you desire and reproduce the same efforts. Surround yourself with people who share the same vision, the same goals and have the same core values.
  4. Control the words and visions you send to yourself. We manifest what we consistently tell ourselves.
  5. Develop the skills you don’t currently have by learning as much as you can and as many ways that you can. Find resources that provide you with the insight and intellect you desire and immerse yourself in the research.

5-Outstanding resources (Subject Matter experts):

The Little Book of Clarity- By Jaime Smart

Strengths Based Leadership – by Tom Rath

High Performance Habits – By Brendon Burchard

The Compound Effect – By Darren Hardy

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