Intake Gauge

This weeks message: “Intake Gauge”, by Joe Clementi

As a positive thought-leader, we stand on the ledge of judgement. The critics line up to cast the first stones of ridicule. The scales of gratitude represent the balance of knowledge and introspective.

The voices of fear, pessimism, and anxiety drains energy resources and detracts from momentum. Negative chatter echos our negative emotions and only serve negative behaviors.

When the cause is married with the right message it creates enlightenment. Timely doses of optimism changes physiology. Emotion is influenced by its surroundings and limited by our beliefs. In accordance, our perceptions are in direct proportion to our past experiences.

There are plenty of critics ready to punch holes in your positive bubble. There’s a science dedicated to benefits of feeding your soul with positive energy. The science proves that positive energy serves your spiritual, emotional, and relational health.

There are 5 elements of energy to allow ourselves to align with our mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Language: “What we tell ourselves”
  2. Think: “How we think and our intentions”
  3. Feel: “Association to emotions”
  4. Beliefs/Perspectives: “What we hold”
  5. Actions: “The steps we take”

We deliberately choose the energy we want to come in. Our subconscious is being influenced by the energy of choice.

Manifest joy and joy comes to you in abundance. Manifest fear, uncertainty, and negativity and they will come in abundance. Change the level of focus to allow positive energy to come in. Those experiences gives us the ability to more frequently tap a reservoir of energy.

We have the innate intelligence to create our ideal environment. To inspire dreams that translate to reality. Positive Energy gives us what we need, in the moment we need it, in the context we need it.

The funnel of abundance is filled by the content we filter through. Our intake gauge serves to release the valve of emotions. Energy is responsible for the emotional magnitude of abundance.Create a circle of influencers that are vested in your continuous growth. It takes strength to swim against the stream and courage to live your life’s purpose!

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