If you are like many of us, we get caught up recirculating through a negative thoughts loop? Regurgitating stories that no longer serve your purpose! #coachjoeHere are 3 practical tips recalibrate your positive intentions.1️⃣. Connect awareness to your limiting beliefs. The negative inner conversations serve as decoys, that distract from potential and continue to capitulate uncertainty.2️⃣. Commit to the actions and habits necessary to move you forward. It’s how you talk to yourself. Who you share your energy with. How you chose to fill your time.3️⃣. Celebrate the journey along the way. Show gratitude for the small wins that create the lessons of change.🔷Neuroscience proves that showing Gratitude alters our body’s chemistry.Make a conscious choice to tell yourself a more generous story that allows you to move forward.winyourweekend #compassion #coachingandmentoring #growthmindset #fixedopsroundtable #fixedoperations #servicemanager #leadershipmatters #morningmotivation #learningandevelopment


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