Remember that old commercial “don’t let them see you sweat”? #coachjoeThe truth is. If you are a leader your team knows when you’re sweaty. They know when you’re not perfect and they know when you are stuck. 🔴Leaders practice vulnerability with humility and confidence. They make mistakes and trust in people to pick up the pieces. Leaders successfully tap the combined brainpower that exists within the team ✔️The thing most new leaders get wrong is the fallacy that, “leaders are supposed to tell people what the right answers are”. ☎️The team does not expect its leader to have all the answers. They expect the leader to be in pursuit of those answers. 🔑💡leadershipmatters #pursuit #leaderscreateleaders #teamworkmakesdreamwork #vulnerabilityisstrength #encourageothers #coachjoe. #answers #weekendmotivation #growthmindsetJoe H Clementi


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