It is easy to say, “go execute” but it’s more comfortable to retreat to old habits and behaviors. #coachjoe💡Find a collaborative environment that is driven by others in pursuit of excellence.🕰Take time to nourish your soul with content that strengthens your knowledge🔌 Plug into support groups with like-minded people curious about emotional intelligence (EQ).🥇Hold high standards and surround yourself with others that will reciprocate.🚧Roadblocks will exist. Keep moving despite the obstacles that lay behind you or, ahead of you.📘Journal your experiences. Celebrate the small victories that move you closer to your ideal self. Document the challenges and what you’ve done to handle those.🎇Manifest your goals so you can hear them, feel them, taste them, and live them!pursueexcellence #highstandards #likeminded #journal #victorious #roadblocks #emotionalintellegence #collaborativeleadership #manifestation #corevalues #nourishment #coachjoe


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