Want to improve your teams results? #coachjoeHave procuctive 1-1’s:🗝Teams that are 11% more consistent in having 1-1 coaching sessions demonstrate 36% more effectiveness in achieving their goals.📍To stop adverse thinking patterns, someone outside our head needs to disrupt current mindset. By reflecting back and asking questions that prompt thinking and behaviors.🔃Self-discovery is key to sustained growth. Asking questions prompts the person to creatively search for their own solutions.🗯Offering ideas might sound like an efficient way to guide actions. However it doesn’t create independent thinkers.📢When you tell someone what to do, it access short-term memory in the cognitive brain, where learning is least effective. The cognitive brain uses short-term memory, which is limited by time and capacity.🔊When it comes to influencing behavior, the objective is to activate the creative mind instead of the reactive, survival, or analytical mechanisms.📣The middle brain houses long-term memory. Tapping into previous experiences allows them to strategize a new way forward. Arousing both a positive sense of responsibility and courage.coachingandmentoring #activefeedback #askingquestions #growthmindset #cognitiveskills #coaching #oneononecoaching


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