Performance growth and the coaching mindset. #coachjoeOur beliefs, biases, and assumptions come from our experiences but are formed through the filter of our life. As we experience life, we pull our context to make meaning of our situations. The meaning then becomes our stories.▶️Offering what you hear as a belief and asking how they know it’s true can reveal another possibility. Altering a previously held narrative can be elightening when you challenge long-held beliefs.▶️Biasis can distance us from potential. Sometimes, a bias is staunchly defended despite any evidence to the contrary. Bias’s can hinder goal achievement.▶️Listening for context affords us clarity to examine values and social needs that formed the beliefs. Our brains would rather validate our values and needs than question them; questioning the rules we live by is scary.▶️You may think you use logic to make decisions, when your unconscious and overriding driver is to get a social need met. However, the more attached you are to having a need met in a situation, the more your brain the more you’ll search for that comfort.▶️Growth comes when beliefs, biasis, and assumptions are challenged in the right context. To be coached one must be a willing participant.


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