Our daily consistencies are being directed by our daily disciplines. -#coachjoeFive rules to improve daily consistency:1️⃣ Stay connected to the work. Even when no one recognizes you for the work you do.2️⃣ Maintain a relentless accountability to yourself through your daily activities!3️⃣ Give everything you do your MAX effort.4️⃣ Know what connects you to the work, the daily disciplines that drives performance.5️⃣ Don’t just focus on the results. Understand and recognize the work it takes to get there. Enjoy the #grind.How often you spend focused on the results you can’t control?How often do you focus on the process it takes to drive the results?Training from Ben Newman 🔥👏 #continuedfightfocusonwhatmatters #coachingandmentoring #enjoytheprocess #pursueexcellence #likemindedpeople #manifest #corevalue #nourishyourself #highstandards #continuedlearning


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