Annual reviews? Stimulating performance improvements requires a more structured process. #coachjoeMost sports teams practice far more than they play. In business, every day is game day! And practice is often limited to zoom/team meetings, workshops, training sessions, and the occasional conference.The limited practice in business makes it even more important that “practice” be effective and efficient. Many agree, everyone wants to succeed but, not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen.Here’s 5 overarching steps to effective performance coaching:📕Co-create a plan and timeline by pinpointing short-and-long-term goals.📈Assess accomplishments to date. Looking back to look forward exercise.📊Identify skills to build and strengthen. Build an alliance plan that focuses on achievement through challenge.📝Strategize ways to build leadership and influence competence. Explore what you observed, communicate the facts, ask for reflection, and be clear about the behaviors and results you expect.


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