5 overarching steps to awareness and redirecting self sabotaging habits. #coachjoe🗂Beware of the labels you place on yourself such as, procrastination, unsureness, and old beliefs.🚫Don’t catastrophize; pervasive worst case story telling, speaking negative thoughts out loud and conflict avoidance.✅ Redefine success; know what you want, why you want it, and honor the struggle. Failing forward is progress towards your newly defined success.🔘 Commit to the habits, build a routine, identify the “triggers” and spell out the consequences from momentum. 1- Doing something with consistency (habit). 2- Scheduling routine (today) that builds momentum. 3- Set reminders as (triggers) to keep you on track. 4- Define the (consequences) of not doing something derails your path.♾ Pusue the confidence-competence loop by infusing the knowledge gaps with content and people that contribute to your growth mindset.#coachingandmentoring #successlife #routine #habitsforsuccess #confidencecompetenceloop #confidencebuilding #competence #triggers #growthmindset #redefineselfcare #knowledgegap #mindsethacks


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