Working through blind spots and resistance. #coachjoe✅Start with people that are ready. For high-performing individuals, remind them that coaching is not remedial it is to accelerate their growth.✅ Coaching is for underperforming individuals as well. Coaching provides the insights to tap into strengths and find creative ways to help them achieve more.👍🏼 5 Rules of thumb for dealing with blind spots and resistance:1️⃣ Don’t take it personally. Be curious and focus on the problem not the person.2️⃣ Ask open-ended questions. No criticism, no judgement just pause and turn into a question.3️⃣ Give the individual space to communicate. Without interruption and feedback.4️⃣ Acknowledge concerns but do not commiserate. Do not take sides or agree to limiting beliefs. Try to move the conversation forwards towards a positive outcome.5️⃣ Mirror body language, restate objections, and challenge conventional beliefs. Reaffirm the goal is to grow.blindspots #resistance #growthmindset #growthhacker #coachingandmentoring #askbetterquestions #curiousminds #mentoring #focusedonyou #focusedonmygoals #limitingbelief #mentalacuity #leadershipmatters


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