The slightest adjustment to your golf swing can completely change your game…#coachjoe.What would happen if you made slight adjustment in your personal game?coachjoe👉🏻A well balanced mindset, clarity and focus only on what’s supporting you.☝️The last shot is gone, you can’t get it back. Don’t spend energy on the things you cannot control.👉🏻 Progress takes practice, perseverance, and perspective.☝️ There are no secrets, hacks, shortcuts, or bypasses.🖐🏻There are best practices, and fundamental skills that will bridge the gap of the confidence ♾ competence loopwinyourweekend #practicemanagement #changemanagement #performancecoaching #performanceevaluation #coachingandmentoring #leadershipdevelopment #objectivity #passionandpurpose


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