To move mountains, begin by removing a single small stone. #coachjoe☑️The hike is steep with daunting cliffs, enormous boulders to impede progress, fallen trees to challenge your will, and dangerous slopes to control your pace.☑️Each stone represents progress as adversity taunts its tutorial on growth. The journey is arduous and requires resourcefulness as you grapple with failure.☑️We think something magical and uncommon has to happen to indicate we have arrived. And yet, right here in the everyday common moment is where courage resides.🔥💯 The reward isn’t in the climb itself. It’s in the small, incremental actions taken repeatedly, that build competence and confidence.mountainview #mountainviews #challengeaccepted #challengeyourself #coachingandmentoring #leadershiplessons #exploremore #growthstrategy #growthmindset #adversity #changemanagement #optimistic #compassionateleadershipJoe H Clementi


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