The worse boss ever!The best lessons in failure and how you rebound from a bad experience. #coachjoeEnvironment:🧨A true narcissist, value placed on employees by the gross they generated not their contribution.🧨An autocrat that used intimidation and criticism in an effort to diminish people’s sense of worth.🧨High turnover, low esteem, and disengaged people with an unhealthy dose of angry culture.Key failure lessons:[☑️] Owning a business doesn’t not make you a leader. Leadership is not a title thrust upon you as a “boss”.[☑️] Lack of leadership without a clearly defined vision and culture will self-implode. The question is not “how”, but “when”?[☑️] High-turnover and poor ESI, leads to people doing a “job” instead of participating in a mission.[☑️] People want to be led and inspired. Not patronized, diminished, and devalued.[☑️] I am resilient, purposeful, and my core values supersede those poor qualities intended to be impose upon me.[☑️] Never sacrifice your own ethics to serve someone else’s lack of morality.[☑️] Teams need 3 specific questions answered by their leaders.Do you care for me?Can you help me?Can I trust you?coachingandmentoring #missionstatement #corevalues


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