Fear and hesitancy are the indicator lights not the wheel. #coachjoe⚠️Driving by the indicator lights not the navigation will have a ripple effect.☑️Having a firm control of the wheel is an important precept to reliance and mindset.🗺To arrive at your new destination don’t use the identical routes from your past.🤯A realization of resilience is that I know I could pick myself up, but I went in the wrong direction. It is the choices you make next to show that you either have ultimate resilience or need to build it.🕴High-performers have clarity of who they are and where they want to go. You set the course, dictate destinations, and steer.⏭What’s the next right action of integrity for my NOW? Not to simply grab the wheel and stay on the current course.resiliency #coursedirection #mindsetiseverything #leadershiplessons #coaching #mentoring #inspireothers #growthmindset #navigatingchange #navigateyournext #corevalue #strengthsdevelopment


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