I once heard, “luck is like a bus,” “if you miss one, there’s always the next one.” #coachjoe✳️But, if you’re not prepared, you won’t be able to jump on one.🍀 LUCK acronym; labor, under, correct, knowledge.✅ Position yourself for the next bus. Do the work, enjoy the grind, and embrace the confidence 🔁 competence loop.✅ Do not measure your results to others. Double-down on the activity and the results will come.👏 Applaud others when their bus arrives! There’s more joy in celebrating with them than there is in commiserating in jealousy.winyourweekend #saturdaymotivation #leadershipmindset #successcoach #motivationalquote #teamworkdreamwork #trainingdevelopment #coachingandmentoring #mentoring #inspirationalleader #coachjoe #dothework


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