During a coaching session, leadership wanted to know why change didn’t occur when they required it?🔥Real change happens when there’s clear vision, purpose, a well-defined why, and a mission that drives collaborative efforts. #coachjoe☑️Provide team members with constructive feedback on things they can actually change and improve.☑️ Feedback reduces ambiguity – both leaders and team member are hearing same information. Remove perception and replace with receptivity.☑️ Improves learning – feeds the competence 🔁 confidence loop.☑️ Encourages specific improvement ideas – driving more precise actions.☑️ Reflect on and report on improvements – show progress scales and relativity to improvement strategies.☑️ Focus in feedback – don’t get sidetracked on less impactful discussions.✅Share with your team any coaching, person, exercise, and training that improves skills, motivations, and performance.#leadershipchallenge #leadershipdevelopmentcoaching #coachingandmentoring #trainingprograms #coachjoe #traininganddevelopment #managementdevelopment #successcoach #successhabits #performanceimprovement #performancecoaching #winyourweekend #sundaymotivation


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