The Magic 8 ball. Remember as a young person, asking the magic 8 ball to predict an outcome of your most important decisions? #coachoeYou closed your eyes, asked a question and shook the ball feverishly in hopes that it landed on the answer you wanted.The 8-ball returns 4 answers. “Ask again later.” “Better not tell you now.” “Cannot predict now.” “Concentrate and ask again.”If the expected answer didn’t magically appear, anxiety rose and – you energetically shook it again!The hope was the answer suited the desired outcome. Maybe it was the anticipation or an expectation that something magical would provide an answer?Can you imagine as an adult leaving life-altering decisions up to a “magic” sphere?Would you do anything different if the ball returned the correct answer? Would you suddenly get in motion?The quest for answers to life’s challenges requires you to experience it. It’s in those moments of triumph and failure that life reveals itself.Go build your life’s story. The “magic” lies cleverly disguised as those fortuitous moments of life!YOU GOT THIS! #yougotthis


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