A bend in the road may slow you down, but the landscape redirection creates a whole new awareness. #coachjoeSometimes life alters your path and puts a roadblock in direct conflict with your goals.The pavement narrows, the lines between oncoming traffic blur, and the shoulder slopes abruptly off the edge.The road behind is now a distant memory as the center of attention is the destination, on what lies up ahead while your energy navigates the terrain with intention.“The bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.” -Hellen Keller⚠️ Caution: life will throw curves at the most unexpected time. Navigate them with focus and intention and you will arrive —tested and fatigued — stronger and more agile.fridaymotivation #fridayvibes #fridayfeeling #curves #bendintheroad #coachingandmentoring #motivationalthought #energymanagement #growthmindset #mindfulnessatwork #mindsetiseverything #successfulmindset #lifeatwork #goalseek


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