Wow business is great! So why does this team continue to dissapppiont? #coachjoe⚠️During a coaching session, the manager asked why they’re underperforming, staff is leaving, and customers seem unhappy?🔁 Obvious cycle; no vision, poor culture, no team communication, and a dereliction in leadership.🕶 Manager is blind to the idea that the root cause of the disfunction is linked.🤮 There’s plenty of blame to spew about for failure, except the underlying reason.Managers, “manage”to mediocrity. Leaders inspire to greatness.🏆 Winning culture supersedes an individual.💪 Teams need a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility to each other, and a commitment to shared vision.🎬 The role of a leader is to inspire others to contribute their best towards a worthy cause.✅ Talented teams expect more from their leaders, they want to be engaged, empowered, challenged, and pulled towards a higher sense of purpose!📚 Learning is fundemental to building a group of individuals that work as a team.


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