Sometimes, motivation momentum is lying dormant, deeply rooted to purpose. #coachjoeGenerators:🔛 What have you explored?🔛 What have you decided?🔛 What needs to happen that’s not happening now?🔛 What would it “look like” 👀 if everything was as exactly as you’ve envisioned?Deciders:☑️ What’s the easiest step you can take?☑️ What action could you take that would light the biggest spark 🔥to gain momentum?☑️ What would give you the biggest leap towards progress?☑️ What 1 action would trigger all the rest?POWER TIP: momentum is the progression of small, incremental steps done consistently over a sustained period of time.#motivationalmonday #leadershipmindset #powergenerator #successfulmindset #successcoach #coaching #mentoring #personaldevelopmentcoach #likeit #inspirational #goalsetter #empowered #changemanagement #mindsetiseverything #winningmindset


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