When you hit self-designated milestones, pause for a moment and tell yourself that you are headed in the right direction. #coachjoe☑️A foundation which laid a foundation upon which I am going to lay another foundation.☑️ Pulses of dopamine allow you to get action steps without the depletion it would normally bring. Allowing you to control the doses of dopamine building capacity to create more reward.☑️Replenishing the bank account, the neuro bank account.☑️ Moving the horizon closer—stronger visually— backed by internal rewards.👉🏻Doing instead of procrastinating👉🏻Doing instead of over-planning👉🏻 Doing instead of self-sabotaging👉🏻Doing instead of over-thinking“One can choose to go towards safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” – Abraham Maslow#growth #leadershiplessons #motivation #sustainabilitystrategy #growthmindset #milestone #progression #momentum #mindsetiseverything #coaching #mentoring #coachjoe #personaldevelopment #change #goals #lifeadvice #selfimprovement #selfgrowth


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