Success is never linear. No two paths are alike, nor do they have the same objective. #coachjoeSome people desire external motivation. To be inspired, to ignite the passion from within.Some people need the subtly of a champion to encourage progress and cheerlead them on the journey.While others need the keys of opportunity, a runway to takeoff, and for you to get out of the way!Whatever you need to remind you that your dreams matter, that your talent is needed, and that the world is better with you!The embers of passion need to be stoked for the fire to burn at its brightest. Make today the day, you tend to your emotional fire.#motivationalthought #mondaymotivation #mondaythoughts #successfulmindset #opportunityisknocking #successfullife #peoplemakethedifference #leadershipmindset #talentdevelopment #coachingandmentoring #gratitudeattitude #mindfulmonday #love #gratitude #coachjoe


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