Leaders often find themselves in intense cycles of business. The result is high levels of stress, which trigger high cortisol levels—the perfect recipe for burnout. #coachjoeResearch by a Martin Stepanek:☑️The higher our levels of cortisol, the more impaired our decision-making and our ability to manage our emotions will be.☑️High levels of stress can also compromise our attention, health, and well-being.☑️Mental and physical health account for a significant percentage of the direct effects on productivity loss.☑️The inner game of well-being starts with you as a leader. It’s prudent to focus on health as an important imperative. To recognize the cost of ill health and effects on productivity.3 components of well-being:1️⃣ Healthy food. The food that brings you up or down?2️⃣ Excersize. Daily movement to engage the mind, increase oxygen, and blood flow.3️⃣ Connection. A deeper more intense connection to family, community, and relationships. To support you through the unpredictability of life’s challenges.#mentalhealth #stressmanagement #leadershiplessons #leadershipmatters #coachingandmentoring


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