Many people cling to the myth that those who are successful inevitably feel good about themselves and are free from self-doubt and insecurities. #coachjoeNo matter how accomplished we are, no matter how happy we may seem, we all hold onto negative self-judgements, and they hold onto us.Framework for managing self-judgment:1️⃣ Reframe negative self-judgements. Mindfulness practice to be self-reflective not of self-centered. Balancing judgement with courage.2️⃣ Recognize the stories the mind spins. You may not have awareness that the mind is embellishing your self-judgement in an unwholesome way.3️⃣ Add a new thought into the mix. What value can be extracted from the new information that raises cognitive awareness?“ The object is to stop assigning meaning to these self judgments, because once you start to give them weight, they begin to weigh you down.” – Ronald Alexander Ph.D#mindfulnesspractice #mentalhealthwellness #awarenessmatters #cognitiveskills #emotionalintelligence #courageousconversations #personaldevelopment #growthmindset #mindsetiseverything


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