Time for #reflection, #gratitude , a #humbleleadership. #coachjoe☑️Self-Reflection allows us to pause and be present. If we are not cognitive if what happened, we miss out on the benefits of those experiences.☑️Gratitude allows us to affirm the good things we are fortunate to receive. Acknowledge the roles other people play in enriching our lives.☑️Humble leadership is to help people feel purposeful, motivated, and energized so they can bring their best selves to work.✅ Receptivity to harsh criticism, mindfull feedback, and recognition that not everyone sees you for who you are.✍️ in order to be receptive to feedback, it’s key that you are open and refrain from getting defensive. This, in part, means being open to opinions and ideas that may differ from your own.“Remember you are unique. But keep in mind not everyone’s going to be able to see that. Some views are distorted by the lenses they’re using.” – #coachjoe#leadershiplessons #leadershipdevelopment #successfulmindset #coachingandmentoring #communication #personaldevelopment #inspirationalthoughts #changemanagement #visionaryleadership #corevalues


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