If a single rotten fruit can spoil a perfectly healthy fruit. What happens when an aging fruit is exposed to an intellectually inspiring group? #coachjoe🤯That group of people exposes you to a knew way of thinking. Which inspires you become a better version of yourself.💪They strengthen your resolve, and encourage your creativity beyond what you thought possible.🎙There is an enthusiasm for contributing to your growth without an expectation of reciprocity.🙏🏻If you’re fortunate to meet people that have helped expand your perspective, improved your outlook, and inspired you to just keep moving…consider yourself blessed.🙏🏻 Grateful for the many people that keep this piece of fruit inspired!friends #inspirationalleadership #creativity #leadership #success #motivation #culture #leadershipdevelopment #mindfulness #purpose #blessed #learningeveryday #gratitudeattitude #winningtogether


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