“Unfortunately, People often like the things that work against their growth…people like to use their strengths to achieve quick and dramatic results. Even if, they aren’t developing the new skills they will need later on.”- Morgan McCall. #coachjoe☑️ When you start believing you’re as good as other people tell you and not take your weaknesses as seriously as required for growth.🔦 People don’t like to hear criticism because there’s tremendous risk in leaving what one does well to attempt master something new.🔋True power comes when you have the courage to open up and welcome change and new ideas regardless of their source.✅ Real self-confidence is not reflected in a title, external persona, or a series of acquisitions. It’s reflected in your mindset: your readiness and willingness to grow.growthmindset #growthoriented #personaldevelopment #growth #leadership #coachingandmentoring #learningculture #changereadiness #mentalawareness #successfulmindset


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