The power of coaching is this – the expectations are to provide a pathway to find solutions not supply the answers. #coachjoe⚖️ Finding the right balance between supportive and challenging coaching.🙋‍♂️Are you a coachable person?5 attributes of coachable people1️⃣ Commitment to growth2️⃣ Receptivity3️⃣ Openness4️⃣ Perspective taking❓Coachability: is the time right?❓ Relevance: why? Your bigger purpose❓Simplicity: 1 fundamental tool at a time❓Challenge: root cause analysis.❓Structure: aligned with individual goals. Notice what’s working and what’s not#coaching #leadership #growth #growthmindset #coachable #successfulmindset #mindsetiseverything #success #leadershipdevelopment #strategy #motivation #inspireothers


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