“A year from now, if this turned out to be a huge success – what would be the main things you did to make it happen?” #coachjoeOr, a year from now, if it turned out to be a failure – what are the most likely reasons why it failed? More importantly, what did you gain from failure?yougotthis☑️Give yourself a new way to view old behaviors.☑️ Setbacks are 2 to 3 times more impactful than gains.☑️Practice when steaks are low to turn them into habits and make them more familiar and available when stakes are high!✅ I’ll implement new behaviors, and probably make mistakes. I’ll need feedback to know what’s working and what’s not.growthmindset #growthoriented #growingtogether #personaldevelopment #mindsetmatters #mindsetiseverything #strategy #mindset #corevalue #mission #perspective #perspectiveshift


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