A big part of persistence and grit is knowing when to adjust your position and approach a challenge from a new angle. #coachjoe“Persistence does not mean beating your head against the same wall until you’re bleeding: persistence requires keen situational awareness to pivot when appropriate.” – Dr. Andrew Temte, CFA✅ Define the metrics and triggerpoints to determine whether there is alignment with your goals.✅ Develop a cadence that makes sense review performance metrics for the scope and scale of work.✅ Empower others to help maintain momentum, ensure transitions, and to ask critical questions.🔥 Carve out specific times for pivot points and require evidence of progress.#leadership #challengetochange #persistence #pivoting #situationalleadership #situationalawareness #leadershipdevelopment #coaching #executivecoaching #executionmanagement #alignmentmatters


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