Leadership is knowing you have a responsibility to lift someone else when their belief is low. #coachjoe💯This leader needed to be reminded that her inner villain wasn’t congruent with her core values. Here’s what I shared… perhaps you’ll find value as well.📌Try not to put a limit on what you think you are capable of. And don’t shut down, stay small, or chase less because you’re not sure that you should be in the arena. Embrace the learning through actions instead of measuring success to someone else’s results.“It’s worse to spend your life on the outside looking in, wondering what if, then it is to try and dare greatly and risk the chance of failure. Dare greatly; get in the arena and try” – Dr. Brene Brown.yougothis #mindset #leadershipdevelopment #coaching #mindset #leader #leaderwhithin #motivation #personaldevelopment #inspiration


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