The clash of two ideas often brings a third and even more effective idea. #coachjoe✅A problem oriented argument is not a resolution. Is the individual searching for complicity? Cut the statement and ask a question.✅Advice giver problem-solving does not work. Tell less and ask more. Don’t let answer finding dominate the conversation.4 Practicle tips:📌 Stay curious and get used to asking questions with genuine interest to understand.📌 Ask for clarity. “If this was a thing what would the challenge here, be like for you?” “ I have a sense of the overall challenge. What’s the real challenge here… for you?“📌 The aha question. “And what else?” Ask 3 or more times to make sure everything’s on the table.📌 Closure. Move on when it’s time. Is there anything else? What was most useful here for you?


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