A leader’s main goal and responsibility is to serve others. #coachjoe

📌A Leader ensures the team is growing in all areas — their profession, knowledge, autonomy and even health and physical development.

10 pillars: leading with a service mindset

  1. Be a good listener.
  2. Poised empathy
  3. Ask root cause questions
  4. Mindset awareness
  5. Persuasion absent of accusation
  6. Communicate a clear vision
  7. Be clear about your purpose
    8 Commit to action.
  8. Adapt to change.
  9. Responsibility for the energy you bring, the actions you take, and distraction removal. servantleaders #mindset #keeplearning #growthmindset #leadershipmatters #leadershipqualities #coaching #mentoring #humbleleadership

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