What makes you different, makes you beautiful.


This little nerdy kid… is me. #coachjoe

His dreams were big, his heart bigger, and his thoughts profound.

He struggled academically and believed the labels others placed on him.

Nonetheless, he believed one day he’d be famous ✍️signing autographs and speaking on stage. He didn’t know how, but he practiced that autograph thousands of times 🧐

I had a crooked smile, goofy glasses, and hand-me-down clothes. Had my heart broke, experienced tragic loss, health issues and lacked self-confidence.

I failed more times than I can count, tried more jobs as a teenager than most will have in their life😂

The failures don’t define you! They guide you towards the path you were intended to be.

This quirky little dude learned to embrace his differences.

And while I may not be famous, signing autographs, I am right where I’m meant to be.

The question is not what you’re looking at, but what you see!

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