The best version of yourself occupies the void between comfort and growth. #coachjoe


Vision conversations: focus on reviewing accomplishments, inspirations, learning opportunities and perspectives.

👉🏻Where should we focus our energy today?
👉🏻What specifically, do you aspire to achieve?
👉🏻What is holding you back from that objective?

⚡️What actions have you taken?
⚡️What have you not explored?
⚡️What needs to happen that’s not happening now?
⚡️What would it look like if everything was as exactly as you’ve envisioned?

Reflection: to anchor learning, growth, and desired outcome.

POWER TIP: wait 5 seconds before taking direction. The payoff is autonomy and mastery.

📚What’s the easiest single-step you could take?
✨What action could you take that would light the biggest spark to gain momentum?
📲What 1 action would trigger all the rest?

New Perspectives:
“If we could wipe the slate clean, what would you do differently?”

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