It’s like an energy force, that draws you and pulls you in a specific direction #coachjoe


It may not be the direction in which you were traveling before, but the pull has its own energy.

Like many of you, I carry the burden of “imposter syndrome.” I questioned who would read/listen to a coaching message from me? The field is crowded with “experts” touting their brand recognition and influence.

My posts don’t get thousands of views and hundreds of likes. I often find spelling and grammatical errors – after I post 😂.

At times I fail to hit the mark and In fact, many of my messages 💣💥bomb 😂

I’m no one special, my training is inspired by a passion to serve others. The books I read spark a thought worthy of sharing. The words leap off the page and ignites the fuse that causes action.

I follow the knowledge brokers because they add value to my mission. I practice what I coach and coach what I practice.

Of course I get my share of haters, detractors and naysayers. But I keep moving forward. I do this because the calling is greater than the costs!

I love the followers, new and tenured that contribute to my posts and encourage me to continue.

We post #coachingandmentoring so that a single word, action step, and motivation inspires you to reach the greatness within.

We hope you will #follow #coachjoe

Stay on the path of uncertainty, that’s the path that challenges you the most.

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