“All greatness teeters in whether a hero overcomes the terror within and advances regardless”- unknown. #coachjoe


Direct your aim and attention and your awareness awakens like a giant.

5 Practices of achievement

🗓 if it’s not scheduled on a calendar then it’s just a wish and not a goal.

☺️ reclaim your mornings. Hydrate, setup your day for success, move, good meal, and be present.

🎙you must have a comrade or coach. Personal development and achievement acceleration are not acts of genius, but if social phenomenon.

🧐 Quit what’s wrong, but never quit what’s difficult if right.

🔥 Be obsessive about 3 things:

👉🏻 Your energy and attitude

👉🏻 A commitment to habits and routines

👉🏻 Distraction removal. The needle movers!

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