I remember as a kid waking up listening to the local radio, waiting to hear the lottery of whether or not, school would be closed. #coachjoe


I also remember the total disappointment when our school was not on the list of closures! 🤔

Being the furthest, I would meet each friend at their respective street corners. Greeting each other with a snowball to the face (if we were lucky)!

Along the way we’d challenge other kids to snowball wars and play “king of the mountain”.

We’d navigate the snow drifts, as the wind-blown ice froze your face, snowing down the back of your neck chilling you to the bone.

Looking back all those years, I’d forgotten how much it sucked walking to school (yes uphill) in the snow, face frozen, fingers and toes like ice-cycles, and banging your boots together.

It’s the small things we remember like family gatherings, snowball fights with friends, tackle football, making an ice hockey rink at the local community center, and yes…Christmas Day snowfall!

Here’s to hoping this brings you a few happy memories, a little nostalgia, and a chuckle 😂.

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