What’s a self-proclaimed, work-focused person supposed to do while on a stay-cation? #coachjoe


I’m “not” supposed be working and focused on balance. Truth be told, I’m driving my family a little…err what’s another word for batshit crazy?

I’ve read books, wrote several articles, worked on getting my book published, and now I’m laying down new flooring. I’ve never had this much combined time off.

I’ve relaxed more than I care to, and checked in on our monthly progress like a thousand times (behind the scenes). I’ve only sent a few emails and a couple of text messages. 🤷‍♂️

But, then I realized something today. It’s not work at all. I love what I do and our team doing it. We get the pleasure of supporting amazing people doing amazing work…for others. 👊🏼

I’m working on projects that have meaning to me. They’re more than a destination…they are a passion. I’m finding balance by writing, reading inspires me, and coaching others adds a leadership and #payitforward element.

I’m certainly not without my idiosyncratic qualities, fighting cognitive dissonance formed in imposter syndrome. 🧐😂.

Today, is a reminder to create your own balance!

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