What we’ve discovered about learning and mistakes. #coachjoe


If you are like me, when you think about being successful, you envision reaching your final goal – crossing that finish line, getting that promotion, hitting that financial milestone…

Consequently, we link progress to the end-result rather than gaining valuable insights from the action.

As with any new challenge, it becomes increasingly difficult to handle setbacks. This means that the larger your objectives are, the more you will be depending upon your ability to move past and learn from your mistakes.

Principles of learning from mistakes:

✔️Acknowledge your mistakes.
✔️Have compassion for yourself. Accept your responsibility in any poor outcome – whether it was completely your fault or you simply contributed to it.
✔️Ask yourself hard questions
✔️Change your mindset. Moving away from a fixed mindset into an growth mindset.
✔️Create a plan.
✔️Stop making excuses.
✔️Teach and learn from other people.

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