Leadership extends well beyond you. #coachjoe


The first tenet of leadership is knowing that it is more about the team than it is about the leader.

The mark of strong leadership is movement outside your comfort zones, normally your strengths.

The second tenet of leadership is what extends beyond you.

✔️ Clarity of intention and vision
✔️ How consistent your actions are
✔️ Your purpose and mission
✔️ The energy you bring every day
✔️ Distraction removal

The third tenet is how you live in service of others:

👉🏻 How you coach people
👉🏻 How you deal with team dynamics
👉🏻 How you empower your entire team to thrive in your absence.
👉🏻 Did I contribute something beyond that was beyond my own self-interest!?
🤯 Providing great service is the underpinning of everything in leadership.

🙋‍♂️ How would you complete this sentence?

The messaging around why I did what I do includes… (insert your thoughts here)

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