I have been accused as being, a bit eccentric, a perfectionists, and at times persistently relentless. #coachjoe


My #authenticleadership is leading with passion, compassion, and a belief that my role as a #leader is to serve others.

Some people use this platform to serve as grandstanding on stage and has shifted too much towards vainglory, rather than progress towards unifying people.

Leadership to me is about #teamwork, unifying missions, hard work, the right culture, and a shared purpose and vision.

Mutual accomplishments aided by sacrifice, failures, bold-massive actions, hard work, commitment to #growthmindset, and some major setbacks.

Adaptability to change, hard conversations, feedback, problem-solving, ethical decision making, recognition, resilience, and all of the other unidentifiedskills that underpin leadership.

#teamcollaboration #leadershipmatters #keeplearning #keepgrowing #culture #purpose #intention #clarity #energy #leadership

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