A casual encounter that inspired, renewed my purpose, and made a weekend. #coachjoe


First, I want to thank him (you know who you are) for your inspiration. Second, I want to thank all of you 🙏🏻 for allowing me a brief moment of your day.

At a conference this weekend while standing in line, I bumped into an executive that I admire.

After a moment of greetings and in his bodacious charasmatic smile, he said and I’ll paraphrase, “I read your posts on LinkedIn all the time, and the content is always concise and context is clearly explained. Nice job, I really like them”.

The words reverberated for a moment as I tried to receive the compliment. The mere fact that he was reading my content was awe inspiring and frankly, a bit humbling.

As I floated back to reality, I thanked him for taking the time to tell me that. But what I later realized, was the power that his comments had on me for the rest of the conference.

Now truth be told, I’ve never seen him “like” or repost. So I had no idea he was reading the content. Our intention of #coachjoe was not to gain recognition or praise. It’s to deliver valuable content that inspires someone to take action.

His one sentence of encouragement added fuel to our purpose. His kind well-placed intellectual comment held immense power.

At times the shiny external facade isn’t as polished the frontispiece. The quiet charisma is displaced by introverted mannerisms.

So today, ask yourself this question; who is someone I could surprise with a note, gift, or sign of appreciation?

Follow up with one action that demonstrates excellence and real value.

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