The greatest thing about realizing you are the source of your own problem is that you are also the source of the solution. #coachjoe


šŸ‘ŠšŸ¼How to improve accountability for yourself. Continuously delivering ā€œyour bestā€ at levels once seemingly inaccessible.

šŸ›‘Accountability is NOT the same as being held accountable. Being held accountable comes from outside of us and is usually out of our hands.

šŸ›«Accountability is what we have control over. It is something we do and something we offer of ourselves to those around us.

šŸ„¼Accountability means that when we make mistakes, we want to know it and to fix them. This requires a willingness and the capacity to learn from the mistakes.

šŸ¤ÆBelieving we have the capacity to act is also a form of accountability.

šŸ¤”Accountability is essential to learning. It also demonstrates respect!
šŸ“Rule of Law and Accountability

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