The first step marks a decision, a new direction; it declares that we will go forward despite our fears or self-doubt. #coachjoe


5 practicle tips:

1) Ask yourself if your anxiety is telling you something that you need to hear. Perhaps you really don’t want to go in the direction you’ve set for yourself?

2) If you’ve decided to move forward despite your worries, try to decide if the first task you’ve set for yourself is really is just one step, or can it be broken down further?

3) Once you have broken down the first step as much as you can, do one thing on the list. It may be the easiest, or you may decide to take on the hardest thing first.

4) Try to understand your anxieties. For example, do you hate being incompetent? Remember this: You will get better. Anytime we do something new, we are going to be less than competent at it. This is the competence ➿ confidence loop.

5) Get support. Not only for encouragement, but also for ideas about how to move forward in a project that is giving you anxiety.

And be prepared: one step leads to another, but maybe not the one you expected.

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