Finding balance between our persona and congruence is a work in process. #coachjoe

I had an epiphany that forced me to rethink my own congruency. We all have a persona, a self that we present to the world, the existence.  If we continuously drift into a state of incongruence where we believe we are our persona and lose track of who we are on the inside, we discard a part of our real self.

When this occurs, we start to lose the ability to choose what we express. We end up living in a shallower existence in something like autopilot.

I started posting content over a year ago with the intention of providing value to others. Those posts weren’t for likes, followers, or reposts. However, I found myself cycling though content rather than contributing on a deeper and connecting level.

Someone close to me reminded me of the importance of being intentional. Concede to a work in process, flawed in many ways, and embracing my authenticity.

“Create a life that feels good on the inside. Not one that just looks good on the outside.” -unknown.

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