If you only knew. #coachjoe


When the road traveled becomes littered with the fears of the past, you have the power to sweep the path that lies ahead.

When the layers of uncertainty weigh you down. You have the power to shed the coats that burden your future.

When the past pulls down upon your shoulders. You have the power to forgive and accept your flaws.

When doubt, and fear keeps you chained to a life of indecision. Your actions and decisions you make for your life become intentionally aligned with your purpose.

When the winds of adversity are blowing against your sails. You have the courage to strengthen those muscles so your purposes prevails.

If you only knew the power source that can spark your passion. You would ignite that flame today.

If you knew you aren’t in competition with anyone else. You would embrace your purpose – your authentic self.

If you only knew you could sharpen your focus and your energy on what matters. You would become laser focused because you understand that if something or someone is not a part of your purpose then it is merely a distraction.

If you only knew…your underlying greatness is counting on you to accept the next challenge. The future is holding a space for you that’s great. Do not cheat it!

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